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What Is A Criminal Background Check?

Statistics shows that 1 in 10 Canadians have a criminal history. Everyday, thousands of crimes take place across Canada. Behind every crime that is committed, lies the criminal who is capable of striking again anytime, anywhere.

Criminal background check is a great way to uncover a person's past arrest records. At, we make criminal background check informative, affordable, and easy to obtain.

Record Removal Evaluation

  • Evaluation of Record Suspension Eligibility
  • Collects all Court Records, Finger Prints, Lawyers
  • Records
  • Assess Waiting Period
  • Include all mailing and courier fees
  • Takes up to 1 year to complete

The Record Removal Evaluation is the first step in clearing your criminal record. See if you qualify to remove your arrest information, conviction information, fingerprints and mugshot photos from local police databanks and RCMP databanks. Determine whether or not you are able to travel to the United States.

For the Record Removal Evaluation, a CPIC search will be completed. A CPIC search is the most extensive criminal background check that can be completed. We will contact you within 48 hours and schedule you a local appointment.


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