Our Team

Our Canadian team of specialists provide expert advice on criminal history. Our team ensures the most reliable results from the centralized Canadian Police Information Centre database administered by the RCMP in Ottawa.

With every background report we provide, we help you ensure the safety of loved ones, provide peace of mind, and validate existing concern.

Why Choose Us?

You want your background check results. You want your criminal record suspended. And you don’t want the runaround. If that’s what you want you’re in the right place.

At we don’t just do criminal background checks. We provide our service with a sense of urgency and care. If you’re looking to get this done without the hassle you’re really looking for a company you can trust.

WE COMMUNICATE: We communicate with the Police Station so you don’t have to. And we communicate with you so that you know where we’re at.

WE PREPARE: We prepare the documents because we don’t expect you to. We may need your help from time to time but if we can do it for you we do it for you. After all, it’s what we do.

WE MONITOR: We stay on the ball so you can focus on the other things. If the police are slow we get in touch. If the courts are slow we get in touch. If you aren’t getting us that signature we need, guess what, we get in touch.

WE COMPLETE: We don’t let up until your application is complete. Whether it’s a background check, a record suspension. We want it done and we make every effort to make it that way.


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